Alternative Media

Media 3

An alternative media institution (to the extent possible given its circumstances) doesn’t try to maximize profits, doesn’t primarily sell audience to advertisers for revenues (and so seeks broad and non-elite audience), is structured to subvert society’s defining hierarchical social relationships, and is structurally profoundly different from and as independent of other major social institutions, particularly corporations, as it can be. An alternative media institution sees itself as part of a project to establish new ways of organizing media and social activity and it is committed to furthering these as a whole, and not just its own preservation.

However, alternative media can go towards different paths and can become a platform that spreads detrimental messages to society. They can become echo chambers that radicalize people by affirming people’s beliefs what challenging them. They can also become more mainstream to gain more audiences (Comedia’s solution) and essentially lose their title as ‘alternative.’ Alternative media in contemporary society are usually reactionary and providing alternative or opposing views from mainstream media. They can also be agents of social change and catalyze digital activism.


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