Media 6

4 Forms of Surveillance

  • Peer Surveillance
  • Advertiser/Corporate Surveillance
  • State Surveillance
  • Self-Surveillance

Acknowledging that you are being watched, monitored, tracked and analyzed, has considerable impacts on the human psyche. Idea that searches is tracked and monitored, that every step is tracked, thought and idea, emotional input in a digital device leaves a digital footprint = SURVEILLANCE

Peer and Self-Surveillance

  • Explosion of content generated = capacity to monitor the content
  • Watch what happens to our neighbours, relatives, friends, acquaintances
  • Explosion of the capacity to watch and tools to which we observe others
  • Authorities searching people online, bosses looking into their employees
  • Highly sensorial when it comes to the versions of ourselves online, sensor what we put
  • Virtual face, ourselves, diminished and impoverished version of who we are, perfect version of ourselves
  • Censor the bad bits about ourselves, generate and share the content that we think we should be thought of by others
  • Negative impact on how we regard ourselves in relation to other individuals. We don’t share to each other of what it means to be human, flawed and fallible, the things that we share and have in common. The things that make up who we are.
  • Put forth a face that we think what others want to see = not an accurate portrayal of an individual
  • Watch others and see ourselves watching others, adjust and modify our behaviours according to the power of the gaze
  • People have internalized the notion of peer surveillance, become the person you want to be or what you want others to see you as. You want people to see you in a certain way
  • Rise of social media, capacity of generate content = facades become constant, elongation of surveillance, becomes perpetual. Self-Surveillance.
  • Idea that we are able to watch others and our peers, had the desire to do so, like the desire to communicate across time and space. Technology has altered and expanded our capabilities to do so

Advertiser/Corporate Surveillance

  • Clicks, likes, activities, history, searches are being combined into a massive profile of who you are. Creating digital profiles and archiving them for profit
  • “Facebook knew I was Gay before my Family Did”
    • Algorithm knew more than the family
    • Postal code
    • Determine and predict when each and every search result, click can be analyzed and cross referenced with profiles
  • Self censorship, Facebook and tracking what you don’t do on Facebook, keeps track of that = provide information about your psyche, anxieties, concerns, and moral compass. What makes you feel uncomfortable because you decided not to post
  • Marketers = want to exploit that fear to offer you products to help you get over that, marketers sell you solutions, creating a problem for you that you didn’t know you had and providing a solution that you didn’t know you wanted
  • Facebook may start logging your cursor movements
    • Collecting data from users, scrolls, highlights, lingering cursors
  • Scientists predict a suicide from Facebook statuses, can using these tools be repurposed for providing a social utility
  • Understand the mechanics of the technologies and instead of using it to sell stuff, help people

Advertiser/Corporate Surveillance

  • The Audience Commodity
  • The ‘Free Lunch’
  • Demographic/Psychographic/Behavioural Profiling based on data-veillance
  • Building and selling audiences

State Surveillance (Citizen 4)

  • Government monitored, recorded, and analyzed our private communications and interactions
  • Feduciary obligation in advertisers
  • Arms of the state monitoring every single digital action with take
  • Digital screen for the collection of meta data
  • What/Who is/are…
    • NSA (National Security Agency)
    • GCHQ
    • CSIS & CSEC
  • NSA has direct access to media conglomerates, communications, meta data, generated by our use in GAFA
  • Responsible for PRISM: allows gov’t officials to collect data (such as searches, texts etc.)
    • US Surveillance act after 9/11
    • Collection of data from each provider, by law, corporations must provide access to their information
    • Only requires a warrant and judicial oversight
    • Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Youtube, Skype, AOL, Apple
    • Procedures that grants them access, spent 20 million dollars a year for a surveillance program
    • Now by pass the courts with PRISM, without judicial oversight. Storing them in the cloud (massive data warehouses)
  • Edward Snowden, employee that worked for NSA, stationed in Hawaii, downloaded top secret documents that surveilled not only terrorists but also US citizens
  • Five eyes: Canada, US, Australia, Britain, New Zealand
  • 2013, Citizen 4 contacted a documentary film maker, Snowden took the documents and sent them to Poitra. Snowden became a whistleblower.

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