Audience as a Commodity

Media 8

  • Audience-as-commodity
    • A commodity is something created with the hope of selling it in a market place (like agricultural surplus sold to consumers)
    • Media do not produce shows, content, etc.
    • (Most) Media produce audiences to sell to advertisers
    • Audiences are attracted, packaged, and sold.
    • The shows, articles, and content are simply “bait” or “free lunch” to attract audiences.
    • Consider most of your own media consumption. You are likely not the “customer” – the advertisers are the customers and you are the thing being sold!
    • Media attract audiences, but must also “package” and “sell” them to advertisers. Media advertise to advertisers

When media produce these types of sales materials, they have two goals:

  1. Provide information on audience.
  2. Prove this audience is profitable.

“Knowing” an audience means knowing them only as consumers.

The richer the household income of the audience = advertisers more inclined to buy the audience because they can afford the product (cars ect.)


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